Food Inspection X-Ray for Tall Products | Food Safety

2022-12-13 07:10:20 By : Mr. Jason Ye

Loma Systems has unveiled the latest addition to its X5 X-ray inspection series, the X5 SideShoot, which is designed and engineered specifically for the inspection of taller products.

X5 SideShoot complements Loma Systems’ existing portfolio that can inspect diverse applications such as dairy and egg products, dried foods, cereals and grains, confectionery and snack foods, fruit, vegetables, and nuts. By using dynamic detection, X5 SideShoot can estimate fill level, check for missing content, and determine if a package is damaged.    Automatic Conveyor Weighing Scales

Food Inspection X-Ray for Tall Products | Food Safety

The X5 SideShoot system can inspect product packaging up to 265mm in height, including plastic bottles, glass jars with metal lids, aluminum cans, plastic tubs and pots, tetra pack cartons, cardboard cans, and tubes.  

Delivering production efficiencies with a line speed of up to 50 meters per minute, the X5 SideShoot can check product integrity, safety, and quality. The solution can also detect a broad range of contaminants, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metal; glass; bone; ceramic and stone; dense plastics; and product clumps.

For operators, the X2 SideShoot is easy to set up and use, with the Loma Learn function ensuring that the system can change dynamically as the user switches products. The system also comes complete with a 15 inch color touchscreen, multilevel password access, data storage of event logging for traceability purposes, digital detection to reduce electrical interference for image optimization, and other features. Additionally, being IP66-rated for low-pressure washdown, X5 SideShoot complies with international standards enabling retailers to meet the strictest codes of practice.

The X5 SideShoot also offers energy-saving capabilities utilizing a unique beam shutter design with automatic idle. The feature reduces the amount of energy used when no product is passing through, delivering energy efficiencies and extending the lifetime of components.

Loma Systems:

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Food Inspection X-Ray for Tall Products | Food Safety

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